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  Welcome you to Tibet China !


Tibet  Culture  Tour                                                          Email:bjmld9@hotmail.com   有事请点击这里,可直接与我在线交谈或留言!

1、Lhasa Highlights 2 Day Tour

Route Feature: In this 2 days travel, you will have a chance to see the most famous history monument of Tibet: Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery. At Barkhor Street, your free shopping will make you experience the unique Tibet handcrafts, delicious Tibetan, Nepal and Indian food.

Itinerary:                                                                          Overnight at Lhasa

Day01: Lhasa city tour sightseeing
Morning time buy the entrance of Potala by yourself. Then visit Jokhang Temple, afternoon to visit Drepung Monastery.       

Day02: Lhasa city sightseeing                                          Overnight at Lhasa
Morning time to visit Potala Palace, then afternoon to Sera Monastery.

2Holy Lake Namtso 2 Day Tour

Route Feature: During this route, you can do a trekking around the lakeside of Namtso Lake. In the morning, get up early to see the sunrise, live in the quiet tent to listen to the voice of the water, myserious and quiet.

Dayo1  Lhasa/Namtso Lake ( 500km, 4 hours driving, asphalt road in good condition ,  4178m, 5-15 centigrade)
                                 Overnight at Namtso
In the morning around 08:00am, our guide and driver pick you up from your hotel, then we leave Lhasa to Namtso Lake. On the way you will see the huge grassland of Naqu and have a chance to see the sky road- Qinghai Tibet Railway passing through, it looks like a dragon. Then the Nyenchen Thanglha snow mountain ranges appear in front of you, and also you will pass the Nagela Pass. Namtso Lake is the Heavenly lake which is one of the three holy lakes of Tibet (other two is Yamdrotso lake, at Shigatse area, Lake Manasarova at Nagri) and also the highest salt lake. You can do a very relax  trekking around the lake side and Zhaxi Island. You can enjoy the sunset by the lake.
Day02 Namtso lake/ Yangpachen hotspring/ Lhasa (250km, 4hours driving)
Morning time to see the sunrise beside the holy lake , then back to Lhasa, on the way back , you will have a chance to enjoy the hot-spring at Yangbachen( from 30-60RMB/p.p). Arriv in Lhasa, end the wonderful trip.

3、Tibet culture trip to Zedang 2 Day Tour

Route Feature: Tsedang is the birthplace of Tibetan culture in this 2-day tour, you will see the Samye Monastery, Yumbulakang and Trundruk Monastery, feel the strong Tibetan culture, know more about the Tibetan people.

Day01 Lhasa / Yumbulakang /Trundruk monastery ( 190km, 2 hours driving, asphalt road in good condition ,  3700m, 10-17 centigrade)
Morning drive to Tsedang, located in Yarlung Valley, which is the capital of Shannan Prefecture. It's reputed as "the cradle of Tibetan Civilization. In the afternoon to visit Yumbulakang Palace and Trundruk Monastery.                         Overnight at Tsedang

Day02 Tsedang / Samye Monastery / Lhasa ( 170km, 2 hours driving)
Today's visit is Samya Monastery which is the first one built in the 7th century and has three buildings with different style (Tibetan Hans and India).       Overnight at Tsedang

4、Everest Base Camp 4 Day Tour

Route Feature: During this route, you will have a chance to visit the holy lake--Yamdroktso, Gyantse Stupa Kumbum. At shigatse to head forward to Mt. Everest, during the process, you will cross the prairie, the rapids, mountains, Mt. Everest which will shock you and let you never forget.

Day01 Lhasa/Yamdrotso lake/ Friend- ship highway/ Gyangtse/ Shigatse ( 500km, 6hours driving, asphalt road in good condition , 3900m, 15-19 centigrade)
Morning time around 08:00am depart from Lhasa, pass Gangbala Mt. which is over than 5000m, then to Yamdrotso lake which is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet (another 2 is Namtso lake and Manasarova), then back to Friend-ship highway pass by Shigatse to Gyangtse, visit Gyangtse Kumbum, far view  Zongshan ruins. Then back to Shigatse.                                                                    Overnight at Shigatse

Day02 Shigatse/ Lhatse/ Tinggri (Shegar) ( 240km, 4 hours driving, asphalt road in good condition , 4050m, 8-15 centigrade)                               Overnight at Tinggri. 
Morning time to visit TashiLumpo Monastery which was Built in1447 , spectacular tombs of Panchen Lamas . After lunch driving along with Friend-ship way pass Lhatse to Tinggri. One the way you will pass the checking point with your TTB permit, travel permit and passport. Then arrive at Tinggri. Buy the entrance of Everest Base Camp.  

Day03 Tinggri/ Rongbu Monastery/ Evrest Base Camp/ Tinggri ( 320km, 8hours drving, Rough road, 4980m, -5-10 centigrade)                            Overnight  at Tinggri.
Early in the moring 07:00am to drive from Tinggri to E.B.C with very rough road, pass the wild grassland, cross the rapids river and high mountains. During this route,you will have a glimpse of 4 mountains which is 8000m high or more,such as:Mt. Lhotse(8516m),Mt. Everest(8848m),Mt. Qowowuyag(8201m),Mt Mayalu(8463m). Then arrive at Rongbu Monastery. Its cold from here to E.B.C. At Rongphu Monastery view to Mt. Everest it is fabulous and splendid.

After walking for a few minutes arrive the place, get on the animal carriage then use half of an hour arrive at Everest Base camp ( Or you also can trekking to Base Camp around 1.5-2hours one way. It is interesting and much more warm, but is hard to breath). Hiking up to the top of the photo point take pictures for the splendid- Mt. Everest. Then late in the afternoon around 16:00pm go down from E.B.C back to Tinggri.

Day04 Tinggri/ Lhatse/ Shigatse/ Lhasa ( 580km, 6 hours,  asphalt road in good condition)
After with the good rest for whole nights at Tinggri, driving back with the Friend-ship Highway back to Lhasa, end the trip.

5、Nyingtri/ Draksumtso 2 Day Tour

Route feature: In this tour you will see the gorgeous alpine lake of Draksumtso in Nyingtri, eastern of Tibet. Nyingtri area was called Tibetan switzerland.

The tour itinerary:
B=breakfast, L=lunch, D=dinner, N=overnight
Day01  Lhasa/ Draksum Tso / Bayi Town ( L + D)
After breakfast, to drive from Lhasa to Nyingchi. On the way you will cross over Mila Pass, enjoy the scenery along the Niyang River. Afternoon drive to visit Draksum Tso, also known as Basum-Tso. The lake and its surrounding views are beautiful and the site is also connected to the semi-mythical ruler of the Kham region and Guru Rinpoche. Take a ferry ride off the southern shore of the lake to visit the Tsodzong Monatery, most probably the highest attractions of this site.  

overnight at Bayi Town.  

Day02 Bayi / Cypress Forest /Lhasa (B + L)
Drive to visit Ancient Cypress Forests and also you will have a chance to see Lulang Forest which is far away from Lulang Sightseeing Plat, afternoon driving back to Lhasa.

Overnight at Lhasa. book the hotel by yourselves. 

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